Case Studies

International Food and Beverage Company Saves Millions of Dollars in Test Run Alone

With one of the largest truck fleets in the world, this Fortune 100 company tracks the details of their trucks’ performance and continually test ways to improve fuel economy and reduce downtime and costs.

Their East Coast division tested our product in 5 trucks initially. When they saw very promising results, they proceeded with a massive test in approximately 1000 trucks over a three-year period. The data captured from the trucks included speed, speed patterns, heat, and fuel economy.

At the end of testing, they were amazed to find a 6% increase in fuel economy. In a time when diesel prices were the highest, for an investment of $150,000 in our product they saved $3 million in fuel costs. Recalculating based on today’s lower fuel prices, that still represents more than a 10-fold rate of return.

The engineers took apart an engine after the test to check for corrosion, soot deposits, contaminants, and metal shavings. They found none. The nanoparticle-infused lubricant additive worked to prevent the contaminants’ adhesion to the engine and to disperse them throughout the engine oil. When the oil was changed, the contaminants came with it, preventing further issues in the engine.

Racing Teams See Unheard-of Horsepower Increases

A Formula-style race team inquired about testing and using our technology in their race car. Their car owner/designer tested our product in two brand-new Mazda Formula 1 racing engines with closed-caged dynamometer to measure any horsepower increases.

They were blown away by the positive results compared to the many other products they tested. They documented increased fuel mileage and torque as well as a 1.3 horsepower increase through the entire power curve. They continue to use our products in their engines to help Spencer Brockman advance his racing career.

Similarly, a NASCAR driver-development team in North Carolina had tested many other products, resulting in only a 0.25 horsepower increase. After dyno-testing our product in a Roush Yates engine, they were amazed to find a 2–4 horsepower increase. That’s 8–16 times better than any other product.

ESW Group Never Saw Anything Like It

Environmental Solutions Worldwide of Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania tested our diesel engines product with a dynamometer with gravimeter—a fuel tank that resides outside the cab. By weighing this tank every 50 miles the testers determine with great accuracy how much fuel is consumed in a given 50-mile cycle.

Our product improved the 15-liter Cummins engine’s fuel economy 3.3%. ESW said, “We never saw anything like it!”