Our patented process for creating a uniform, stable, nanoparticle colloid powers lubricants that reduce friction up to 80%

XG Industries has invented the next generation of friction modifier additives powered by nanotechnology, creating non-toxic, nanoparticle-infused, biosynthetic-based lubricants for industrial applications

All our products are created for specific functions, and every product is researched, developed and tested for maximum effectiveness, durability, and sustainability.

We also develop and test pre-optimized, turn-key lubricant additive kits customized to your need. The finished product is ready to blend with your base oil.

The Breakthrough

Nanotechnology has long been known to have great potential in the lubricant industry. But the challenge was getting the nanoparticles evenly dispersed throughout the oil. We invented a technique that results in a uniform, stable colloid so they never settle out of suspension.

Our products outperform the competition in every area.

 Nanotechnology refurbishes the metal surfaces it’s lubricating to virtually better than factory-new

 Produce the lowest coefficients of friction, reducing heat and friction up to 80% better than competing products

 Better for the environment with no molybdenum or zinc in our friction modifier additive

 Excellent anti-wear properties and the greatest durability

 Designed to be highly homogenous with full suite of base oils

 Improved DPF performance in heavy-duty diesel

Value for Your Business

Does this mean they cost more? Actually, we save you money. There’s value for everyone from the blender to the end user.

 Provide longer lasting lubrication

 Extend the life of equipment

 Increase fuel economy

 Reduce environmental impact of spills—work doesn’t have to come to a halt to clean it up

 Lower concentration levels

Better for the Environment

The public increasingly demands environmentally responsible products and manufacturing. New EPA regulations are phasing out toxic ingredients by 2020. And there are few eco-friendly products available to satisfy a hungering market. The European market has even more regulations driving a shift to eco-friendly solutions.

Our lubricants and additives fill the need for environmentally friendly lubricants.

Because we use no molybdenum and no zinc, if there is a spill, you don’t need hazmat suits. Work doesn’t have to come to a halt. Cleanup is quick and simple

Superior to Existing Friction Modifiers

Other friction modifiers and additives are more expensive, less environmentally friendly, and less efficient.

 Polymer additives — persist only in the hydrodynamic layer and lack boundary layer effectiveness.

 Molybdenum — older method that requires higher percentages of the product to achieve the desired result.

 Chlorinated paraffins — being phased out by the EPA due to environmental impact.

 PTFE — causes corrosion issues at high temperatures.

 Zinc – cannot be used in metalworking applications and is also being phased out for environmental impact. Spills can be very expensive.