Mini Traction Machine (MTM2)

We quality-assure our products using the industry standard: PCS Instruments’ MTM2. Ours is one of only 200–300 that exist worldwide. It is a computer-controlled precision traction measurement instrument which provides fully automated traction mapping of lubricants and other fluids, under a wide range of rolling, sliding, and oscillating conditions.

How does it work?

In the standard configuration, a ball mounted on a shaft is brought into contact with a rotating disc. The disc and ball are driven independently to create a mixed rolling/sliding contact. The frictional force between them is measured by a force transducer. Additional sensors measure the applied load (pressure) and lubricant temperature.

Are the data reliable?

The pressure, speed, and temperature data the instrument records are logged directly with ASTM for anyone to review. Stribeck curves of each test are generated also

Can I have you test some blends for us?

We are happy to work with blenders to quality-assure blends for their clients.