About XG Industries

XG Industries is revolutionizing the anti-wear, friction, and extreme-pressure additive markets with our patented breakthrough in nanoparticle-infused, high-performance, and environmentally friendly lubricant additives.

Our products are made in the USA, created in our state-of-the-art manufacturing and mixing facility in Stratford, Connecticut.

Mark Simonetti

Founder/Inventor, Chief Executive Officer

Mark is the inventor and patentholder of all XG Industries’ patented products. He is a second-generation engineer in the field of high pressure and cavitation mixing to form stable, uniform emulsions and dispersions. These techniques, taught to Mark by his father, are used in the manufacture of XG’s patented nanoparticle-infused colloid additives.

Mark served in the U.S. Army and participated in Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. After leaving the Army, he served as a police officer in Fairfield County, Connecticut for 20 years. As the department armorer, he was assigned to review and solve the problem of repeated weapons malfunctions. This began his journey into the field of lubricants and chemical manufacturing.

Through the course of his research, Mark recognized that recent advancements in nanotechnology had the potential to impact the entire lubricant industry, so he began focusing his efforts on that area. At the same time, he saw the benefits of new, biosynthetic oils, which continue to outperform traditional petroleum-based products—and have the added benefit of being non-toxic.

By combining those two ingredients, Mark created a patented friction modifier that is a game changer for the lubricant industry.

Scott Bloom

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Scott brings over 20 years of senior leadership experience to the company, having previously served in a number of C-level roles in the IT/Tech space, including COO, CFO, and CAO, as well as heading up corporate development and legal teams at several companies.

With a background in law, as General Counsel he helped drive a highly successful merger between Bluegill Technologies with CheckFree Holdings. He broadened his experience at Intira Corporation, with the roles of VP, Corporate Affairs and CFO. There, he and the CEO co-led the Company’s executive management team responsible for corporate strategy and operations.

Scott later joined Dictaphone Corporation with the title of Executive Vice President. He served on a three-person senior leadership team that was accountable for strategy and operations for all aspects of the business. Scott drove Dictaphone’s transformation from a legacy hardware provider to a pure play, industry-leading voice recognition company—culminating in a highly successful sale of the company to Nuance.

Scott subsequently served as SVP of Corporate Development and Chief Administrative Officer of NYFIX, Inc., subsequently acquired by the New York Stock Exchange.

Scott holds an MBA, with honors, from The Wharton School and a JD from The College of William and Mary.