Products for Diesel engines

Our nanoparticle-infused Heavy-Duty Diesel engine oil additive package protects and preserves engines, delivering key benefits.

 Reduces carbon footprint with virtually no molybdenum and no zinc

 Improved DPF performance in heavy-duty diesel

 Nanotechnology refurbishes metal surfaces to virtually factory-new, reducing heat and friction up to 80%

 Longer lasting lubrication extends the life of the engine

 Results in less frequent maintenance

 Increases performance, especially in older engines

 Increases fuel mileage

 Improved deposit control: advanced multi-functional dispersant additives help protect engines against the effects of soot, dirt, and other contaminants

 Compatible with emissions system due to advanced low-ash formulation

 Improved heat resistance

Friction Modifier

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Additive Package

We also develop and test pre-optimized, turn-key lubricant additive kits customized to your need. The finished product is ready to blend with a base oil.