Revolutionizing the Lubricant Industry

Our Patented breakthrough in nanotechnology results in high-performance, environmentally friendly friction modifiers and additives.

  Better for the Environment
  Value for your business
  Technologically Superior

Our products outperform the competition in every area

Technologically Superior

 Powered by nanoparticles dispersed in a uniform, stable colloid—won’t settle out of suspension

 Reduce heat and friction up to 80% better than competing products

 Nanoparticles refurbish the metal surfaces to virtually better than factory-new

Better for the environment

 Friction modifier that is ashless and has no sulfur

 No chlorinated paraffins

 Improved DPF performance in heavy-duty diesel

 Heavy-Duty diesel package has virtually no molybdenum or zinc

Value for Your Business

 Provide longer lasting lubrication

 Extend the life of equipment

 Increase fuel economy